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« on: January 11, 2018, 12:53:45 PM »
My son is buying a moped which comes with a spare parts bike which has no v5.  Once I have taken off good parts I want to scrap the rest.  Is this a problem, not having V5 for parts bike.  The seller says I don't have to take the second bike if I don't want it.  Not sure what to do.
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Re: V5C
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2018, 01:23:47 PM »
If you feel sure the spare moped is not nicked I don't see a problem.
Have it for the spare parts. If you're not sure about scrapping it, give the local scrap yard a ring. He'll tell you if he's able to take it without v5. Hth.
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Re: V5C
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Do you know the parts bike reg? if you do you can do a vehicle check on the Gov website.

Or, grind numbers off, cut the frame in two and bin it ;)
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Re: V5C
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if it has no v5, it doesnt really exist so do as tomb says. chop up the frame so no one else can use it and keep what you need.
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Re: V5C
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I bought a few bikes as a very ratty job lot years ago, found some had numbers filed off and other rather suspect things, wrote to DVLA with such details as could be discerned hoping they might be able to shed light on the identity and return anything to rightfull owners. They basically just returned the paperwork with an abrupt note saying they wouldn't supply a v5c without more details - as I was not that keen to invest in a cb250 superdream collection I took the parts I wanted- mostly a rear swing arm to replace one off my dad's old bike he had sold to a good friend that said friend had found rot in and done a perhaps not very pretty welding job. The rest was dispersed over the years and another friend did get one of them registered. However I wouldn't hesitate to just throw old frames in the weigh in pile. Several have gone that way here, used to be a good way to get spare tyres etc to buy a cat b salvage bike, they cut the headstock open to keep the bit with the number at the salvage yard, rest joins weigh in after being robbed of handy offcutd of tube.
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