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Insurance time again and its gettnig harder ..................

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Oh I hate this annual bash !!!

Last year my 16 Yamaha Tracer and the Four were £153 with Hastings

Now Hastings, Bennets and others will not cover the Four as they say its classification has changed to an AB7 or something

Carole Nash quoted me £323 for both which is more than 2X what I Paid last year

I can get 2 separate quotes at £105 on the Tracer with Hastings and then a further £124 for the Honda with Footman James but prefer to have both on same policy

Any recommendations anyone I hate having to go through this nightmare every damn year

Nurse Julie:
1977 CB550, Swinton, 24th May 2018, Fully Comp, £61.00
Sorry, lied £69.00  ;D

1978 CB750 F1 + 1977 CB250
Adrian Flux
Guaranteed values for +£15.00 per bike


--- Quote from: Nurse Julie on July 23, 2018, 02:35:25 PM ---1977 CB550, Swinton, 24th May 2018, Fully Comp, £61.00
Sorry, lied £69.00  ;D

--- End quote ---

Called Swinton and they quoted £105, I  mentioned your policy price and they said "we have never quoted a policy at a price as low as that !!!!"

They then quoted me £474 to include my '16 reg Tracer which I can get for £105 with my exisiting insurer (Hastings)

Clearly I am being bulled by Swinton here since your policy clearly exists

God I hate this trawling around its worse than energy suppliers and that is really saying something

Nurse Julie:
Oh yes, it definitely exists, I have 2 other bikes insured with them too, the CB400/4 and the CD250u, both fully comp, only paid £69.00 each for them. The CB400/4 policy also gives me 3rd party cover on anyone else's bike as well. I deal with a great lad there called Dale.
I have just re insured the Yam 600 Thundercat, not with Swinton but another and I paid £69.91 fully comp for that. I got ripped off there by .91p 🤨🤨🤨


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