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Air filter case washer 17318-323-010

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I'm beginning to get a little frustrated with this after working on it for hours. I noticed that the filter element didn't sit poperly in the housing and noticed that the reason is there is an M6 nut in the way. The washer 17318-323-010 has a captive thread and doesn't protrude into the case very much at all but a nut does. This washer sits inside the case at the bottom and connects the housing with the carb intake box.

This part is listed as unavailable, although there is a seller in Italy with one that will cost me £30.00 shipped... >:(

I'm sure I'm not the first to come across this issue and there must be a work around but for the life of me I can't work it out. How have others got along without this part please?

Might have cracked this, just found an M6 chimney nut 19mm wide on Demon Tweeks for £1.35 pluss 95p P & P that looks as if it will do the job. I'll keep you posted in case it works and others have the same problem...

Are you on about this unavailable part  ;)

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That's the one Graham.

Nope, there are two  ;D ;D You have to be very careful, as all the spacers have to be the right size or it will crack the plastic when you tighten up the bolts  ;)


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