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What do you own 2019? (Main bike only please)

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SteveD CB500K0:
I've updated this for 2019 - I suspect there are even more 400s on here now than there were last time...

Please only vote for your "main" bike, be it a rider or a restoration. It would be very easy to skew the result if you have a barn full of bikes (like James  ))

Edit - polls don’t show on Tapatalk. I don’t know why but will try and find out.

Interesting... on the US SOHC site, 400's seem to be quite the exception, based on the postings in the one thread I track, "SOHC/4 Bikes." Man, I wish they organized that section by bike, like on this forum...

SteveD CB500K0:

Swamped by 400s already...

I do find this hard as i own every UK SOHC on the list but, my main bike is a CD250  ;D ;D ;D

For you trig.
Just put your favourite to work on....?


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