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A group of surgeons are at a conference and chatting a the end of the day over a beer or two. The first surgeon with glass in and says “ The other day I operated on an engineer. They have to be the easiest patient to work with. Everything is colour coded, connected logically and come with a parts manual.”

Well says the second surgeon. “ You want to try a librarian. Everything is indexed, filed correctly and include a searchable database.”

Well says the third. “ I like accountants as everything is correctly numbered and have a tax deductible value listed.”

The fourth gives his view. “ Construction works are by far the easiest sine they are not upset if a few extra parts are left over or it takes longer than you said it would.”

The fifth drains his glass and looks up. “Your all wrong, politicians are by far the easiest. You open them up and there are no guts, no heart and no spine. Best of all the mouth is interchangeable with the arse.”
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