Author Topic: NOS Drivechain .. unusual link  (Read 92 times)

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NOS Drivechain .. unusual link
« on: June 09, 2020, 10:38:27 AM »
I bought this drivechain NOS from a guy I have had quite a bit of CB750 ect. stuff from.
I guess it is very old as it came from Honda's original Service Department in Wollaton Rd.  Nottingham, which closed absolutely yonks ago. 

The link is unusual though with a split pin in it but also came with two rivet links. Anyone famiiar with this type of link or do you reckon it was experimental because of CB750 chain breakages? The boss of that centre was Alf Briggs who was a very close friend of Mr. Honda since the 'Hondis' days of around 1961-2. He worked very closely with the factory on the CR750 and is pictured somewhere with the 1970 race team. He compiled some of the manuals on the 60's honda CR race machines. a pretty amazing guy ... I think he was in his 50's when he started with Honda in 1962 after working for Raleigh.

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Re: NOS Drivechain .. unusual link
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2020, 12:09:42 PM »
Could have been part of a test for reporting back to R+D department.

They'd expect fitment to in field fleet on a test and written report basis to evaluate perhaps.  That would give them experience of the 3 different joint types at same time.

The "hollow peen" type would appear to be the most successful judging by what is sold today. 

Looks like a little bit of history there, pity no name reference on the packet to complete record.


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