Author Topic: CB400f Engine rebuild - no rush - in my shed since 2015  (Read 174 times)

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CB400f Engine rebuild - no rush - in my shed since 2015
« on: September 08, 2020, 06:07:39 PM »
Hi All

In 2015 i picked up an old CB400f 1976 with great intentions, now 5 years later, having dismantled it, cataloged the parts and stored it, I have started to relook at rebuilding same. I did buy a tensioner bolt for fitting later...

Bike has a chequered history so not able to verify much. 36K on the clock. I noticed that the clutch cover at some time had an impact but was duly fixed by PO with some epoxy metal filler. (I have since found a replacement) I managed to get the bike going (clutch overhaul, brakes overhaul, oil change/filter/plugs and patched up the exhaust)and took if for a spin - it was a joy. All that in 2015.

After that started to take apart and document each piece with Photos....My first shock was when I took off the oil sump and found what looked like pieces of the clutch casing see pic below - no doubt from a previous mishap.

Have started to take out the boxes from storage, but have been looking at the camshaft and notice some pitting etc on the CAMS.

Also loaded up some pics of the head in the dropbox link.

Would be great to get some feedback and thoughts on the condition.

I guess the oil changes were not as regular as should be....

Journal pics to follow....when i find them!!!


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