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Slowjet for CB550F1


Hello everyone,

I'm rebuilding my CB550 K3 which is running with Keihin 069A carbs (for 550 F1, someone changed it in the past)

The bike will have straight pipes and pods (I know not ideal but the airbox has been taken off in the past).

However, the slow jets are #38 and I can't run it with the choke OFF, it dies before (and it struggle to get up in the revs). So I guess I'll have to get #42s slow jets. I found the main jets already #110 so that should be good

My main problem is I can't find it anywhere, so I was wondering if their was any compatibility with other Keihin. I tried on Nrp-carbs.co.uk but no luck.

Please let me know your thoughts


Siriusonic in Canada

Do yourself a favor and find a airbox and put it on  ;)


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