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CB350 1971 Restoration Project

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Hi everyone,

As promised I’ve created a post to follow the process of my first restoration project, perfect timing for the new singles and twins area 😁

Any pointers along the way would be massively appreciated.

I will try to keep this as up to date as possible and post pictures when progress is being made.

Anyway, to start with the bike had a seized engine, but looked to have been dry stored based on the condition of the chrome, the mileage is also fairly low at 8500miles.

After checking the oil it was a bit low but very clean so good signs all round.

I removed the spark plugs the other night, one was finger tight and the other was a bit stuck, and took some work to get it out, threads all seem okay though. One was a NGK and the other was a champion (I think, the ceramic part broke), maybe the bike was parked up due to no spark or something, who knows.

So next thing was to free up the engine, I used a 50/50 mix of acetone and some left over DSG transmission fluid from my car service, (apparently DSG is thinner than ATF), gave it a mix and put some in the bores.

Left it sat for 10 mins and rocked the bike back and forth in 5th gear gently and it broke free. Will still be stripping the engine in the future but good to know it can’t have been seized that badly. Hopefully the bores can be cleaned up.

One thing I have a question about is the headlight, is it legal for use in the UK with the bike being an import form the states, different beam patterns etc?


The headlight may have a beam pattern for driving on the RHS of the road. Any kick up of the beam to the right will blind oncoming traffic. You'll probably have to change the glass for a UK unit.
You could mask the beam pattern to block the right hand kick up but not sure if that's still permitted. 🤔

Great progress Ben .. hang fire on buying a new headlamp unit until I been to my stash of parts at DodgyRogers, as I possibly may have a proper Stanley  spare UK-style  one there for you. The USA unit is sealed beam but the Euro ones had a replaceable piddly 35watt bulb and a separate side-lamp.

Pretty sure I will have the parts to repair your handlebar switches if you send me some piccies. Probably  in at work all day next Friday.

Thanks for the info on the light pattern Gareth, confirmed what I was thinking.

Cheers Ash, let me know, in no massive rush, but if you have one that would be great.
I wont be in work next week, got some time off, unfortunately it'll be spent finishing my uni work off and not on the bike. may be able to find some time for a bit of tinkering though  ::)

Hi everyone,

Some progress has been made on the bike, although it has been slow.

I’ve been gathering some parts spending hours scrolling through eBay, ;D (thanks to Ash who has helped me out with some bits).

What paint has everyone used in the past for things like the battery box, tool box, rear light bracket, chain guard, etc to get an original look? Gloss, satin or matte?

Suggestions or brands and techniques used would be great.

Thanks again everyone.


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