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Handlebar Grips


I needed some new grips for my CB750K8 so had a look at David Silver as I prefer genuine.

A pair work out at £28.44

53166-390-780 left and 53165-390-780 they also have non genuine

There is also a seller on Ebay with pair Rubber Hand Grips Genuine Honda CB250N CB400N CX500 CB750 CB900 GL1000   classic_bike_spares  at £24.95 for pair

Wemoto have genuine too under Honda part numbers, pair delivered comes to £18.46 inc vat and delivery.

There are plenty of non genuine on Ebay for £6-8

Decided to get the Wemoto ones, came through in 2 days and in genuine packets


Take care with non genuine. I bought some for my cb550 and they are noticeably Shorter, creating an unsightly gap between the gap and switchgear. The solution was to force the grips on further, but its stretched the end of the grip and will no doubt tear in a short time.


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