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Starter motor question.....

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Hi all, quick question, went to test the starter motor before refit and nothing and after disassembly I find this situation in the body behind the battery terminal on the housing. Are these two supposed to be together and attached to the back of the thread held in my left hand?

Not been into one of these before and a little unsure. I’ve ‘soldering fettling’ tackle so not phased just not sure on proper assembly, any advice would be more than appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)

Yes they should and never seen that, perhaps the nut was done too tight and spun it off

quite possibly but at least I know and can effect  a repair. Cheers Bryan, cheers for the heads up......i'll crack on ;) :)

I have exactly the same situation. Did the fix work?

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
I suspect that as the starter cable was not fitted with two half nuts then the full nut has been over tightened to secure the cable. Not sure if I might have a similar problem when I come to replace my full nut.

With two half nuts you can secure the starter cable using a second spanner to stop it turning the inside wiring if you get my drift - sorry if I'm stating the obvious.


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