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Odd Bearing Retainer (Front Wheel)


1977 CB550 F

I was under the impression the front wheel bearing retainer had only 4 notches, though this one seems to have a few more?!

Does anyone know what tool is required to remove this as the standard CB500 Front Wheel Bearing Retainer tool doesn't look like it's the right one

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The slots appear to still be opposite each other though - I used a piece of 25mm wide x the slot thickness bar (x the bearing retainer diameter for the length) with a slot filed in it to clear the spindle end. I then put an adjustable spanner/wrench on it as the lever to turn the retainer. May need to use a punch to get it started

Looks home made and i think i can see half a hole on the hub where an original staking has been drilled out, try some heat to loosen the crud


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