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Hondaman's CB750 Book is Here at Last!

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SteveD CB500K0:
Mark Paris (Hondaman) is a stalwart of .net (www.sohc4.net) and has spent the last 4 years writing his own book on the CB750. It is a "coffee table" book and includes pictures submitted by members of .net over the years. Mark is hugely experienced (almost as much as Bryan...  ;)) and has put that experience and his time into this book - urged on by the members of course!

As with any "print to order" book, it is not cheap. Less than an OEM pipe for your CB, but still not cheap.

Here's what he has to say:

Well, this thing is finally done...  :P
Labor of love! It only took 4 years and as many bikes to get all the pictures. The quality resembles a fancy "coffee table" book, and I'm real happy with the way that came out, especially with the pictures.

Sometime in the near future, I'll offer a DVD from here, too, of all the pictures from the book (and a lot more that didn't make the cut), because some of you have asked for that. That way, if you're pondering a repair of some sort, you can just browse the pictures without all that annoying text in between them...  Grin

I'll be keeping copies on hand, both so I can send them out and make a $1 donation for each one to the site (for all of us and our moderators and web-spinners). And, for those of you who are wanting a signed copy (?) from me...they should become available about Feb. 15th, because I just ordered them today.

If you want to get one directly instead, here's the "direct buy" link from www.Lulu.com:
You can also search there, by title, for "My CB750 book" and it will bring it up. They print it on demand and ship it, taking about 3-5 days.

When Amazon and Barnes and Nobles get it posted, I'll put their links here, too.

When I eventually get my website up (with all the other pieces and parts for the SOHC4 bikes) I'll post that link here, too.

I'm guessing the postage at $10 from my house (Priority Mail, "If it fits, it ships" boxes) in the U.S. right now: I'll find out more next week about "book rates" and other cheaper forms of shipping. Please don't actually order one from me before about Thursday (2/18/10), so I can find out the shipping first: then I'll re-edit this post with that info.

The paperback edition will be $83 per copy (which includes the $1 back to this site), from this printing (plus shipping). That price may change in future printings: I'm new at this game. For signed ones (no extra charge...I wouldn't want someone writing in MY book!), tell me how you'd like it prefixed, so please include that info when ordering, somehow.   ???

My Paypal is that same e-mail: mgparis@concentric.net. Checks, money orders, etc., go to: Mark Paris, 8903 W. Florida Ave., Lakewood, CO 80232.

A million thanks to all of you: without your constant encouragement, razzing, nudging, bugging and nagging, not to mention your shared pictures, parts that some of you sent, and other tips and hints to add into the chapters, I would probably have never finished this work!  You're all a part of this book  ;D

After discussing a UK "distribution" to try and reduce shipping costs, Mark has discovered that the company will deliver a "print file" to a local outfit (after commission of course) so that it can be printed locally on local sized (A4) paper.

Please post on here if you are interested.

The cost will be at least

I think that I would need to see a preview before ordering a book of this type.

UK Pete:
Yes I agree with Yoshi

Count me in for a copy.  Sounds like it just became available in the US a few days ago, when would it be available in the UK?  Does the choice of paperback or hardback still apply?


SteveD CB500K0:
Mark (Hondaman) has heard from lulu (the publisher) and they are arranging a link with a UK print house. You will be able to order on the lulu website, but when you put in "UK" (or any other European country), it will quote you local postage. It will then send the order to the UK outlet for printing and dispatch.

Don't rush there until we get the go-ahead though as I still need to be convinced that Marks book will transfer onto A4 without cropping(?) - I have asked for a sample (actually, just a pdf of a few pages on A4 to prove that they know what they are doing!)

Watch this space.



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