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Cb350/4 top yoke

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Hi, asking on behalf of a friend who has just found his 350 has a cracked top yoke - I think it's a common issue on the cb500/4 where the special D washers get swapped for too thin washers. Anyhow, does anyone have a good spare top yoke? Failing that has anyone had a broken one welded? I don't think I'd be brave enough.
Anyone know if a part off another bike would fit? I have a few cb500/4 bits but too far off to try that....

Hi, I bought mine to Steve here: https://www.400fourbits.co.uk/

I think he still got one

Assuming 350/4 and 400/4 yokes are the same  :o

I think hes bought a 400/4 one too, to scee if it can be made to work for a stop gap, looks quite different to me  but hopefully with some ingenuity and luck he'll get a workable solution.

A very untechnical comment, but I assumed that the lower bolts / yokes do all the work and the top ones just help to keep things in line (as the lower ones are far bigger).  So welding the top one would matter less as it isn't working so hard.


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