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Cb350/4 top yoke

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--- Quote from: andy120t on September 01, 2021, 07:40:57 PM ---A very untechnical comment, but I assumed that the lower bolts / yokes do all the work and the top ones just help to keep things in line (as the lower ones are far bigger).  So welding the top one would matter less as it isn't working so hard.

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Agree, plenty of them welded over the years (those washers are important) as failure is not catastrophic with the bottom triple of this era usually being steel.

V the outside to accommodate weld, clamp it with correct engagement of break to align,  then weld decent fillet all to the outside of casting (not the bore) then, then, then  :) extremely amateurish and structurally incorrect to grind the weld off to make it look original.
Good welding, a fine fillet and wear the scar with pride will do it.  Also won't falsify it's history to anyone that may use it.

We'd better find a really good welder, alloy is beyond my ability or equipment to weld. Anyone have experience of welders able to tackle a job like this in the Guilford area? I have a couple of likely contacts up in my bit of mid Wales, if they are still trading.... the bike and owner are Guilford based.

You could ask here https://ashbywelding.co.uk/ as they've been recommended to me but haven't as yet used them. About 15 miles from guildford.

Worth a question to see what they think.

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Doesn't the top yoke sit on a taper or have I imagined that?

If it is on a taper then would overtightening the top nut be a factor to cause failure?

No taper that was Triumph and maybe bsa


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