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550k lower/rear engine bolt and rhs footpeg

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I'm looking for the bar that holds the engine and foot pegs on the 550k....it's threaded at both ends, as opposed to the bolt used on the F models.

Also the Right side riders footpeg.

Currently I have the bolt from an F, which is too short, and foot pegs from an F which is fine on the left but no good on the right.

If anyone has either lying around please let me know!

Not sure but might be same as 500, check the part numbers at cms

I have an engine bolt most likely from the 500 which is threaded both ends and is 356mm long. I also have one from what I think is a 550 I broke with a nut on one end which appears to be 340mm long, so I suspect the 356mm one is correct for your bike.

I'm got some 500 foot rests lying around but which side I couldn't say until looked but most likely both sides. I'll have a look and see what I've got.

That length (356) matches what I need - length of my bolt plus 33mm for the bracket and washers/nut.

Please let me know about foot peg too - the frame has a tang just above and behind the bolt, so I need one with the piece of metal that butts against that.

Oddjob - i sent you a  pm but it's been blocked :(!

Did you have chance to look at footpegs at all?



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