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Cb550 F. Float bowl drain screw

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Desperately seeking cb550 float bowl drain screw. :'(

Hiya Phil

I have a tin of screws that came with my bike which are all short dome headed Philip's ones. I was told they  from the carbs as the guy before me had changed them all to Allen screws (WHY ????)

So if they are what your looking for your welcome to bring a patten up and where see if we can match it .

Give me a ring if that's what you want to do 


Nurse Julie:

--- Quote from: Sesman on October 09, 2021, 07:43:35 AM ---Desperately seeking cb550 float bowl drain screw. :'(

--- End quote ---
The brass ones?

Aye, that’s the fellas. Brass with a slot rather than JIS or hex.

These little fekkers.


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