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Cb550 F. Float bowl drain screw

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Found some. Let’s see if they are any good.

Nurse Julie:

--- Quote from: Sesman on October 10, 2021, 04:45:46 PM ---Found some. Let’s see if they are any good.

--- End quote ---
They should fit Phil but the heads will be probably be smaller than standard.

Ok, thanks. Needs must and all that… ;D

I may be breaking a complete bank of 500 carbs, I bought them cheap only to find the PO had drilled out the float bowls mounting screws to 5mm, clearly they'd stripped a couple and thought this was a good fix. I can't decide if I'll break them OR just sell them on but warn about the float bowl screws. If I break them I'll let you know if the new screws end up being a little small in the head size.

Thanks Oddjob. Much appreciated.


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