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400/4 brake caliper wanted

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Now that my 400 is looking half way decent the front brake caliper is becoming more and more of an eyesore. Looks like its been down the road at some time and the brake pipe will only seal the help of some PTFE tape. Anyone got a good one that they don't need?

Look for a 250G5 or CJ also 500 four or twin and 550 as well, theyare all same, i believe Silverdoes some decent repos

Some on Amazon, £58.86 for caliper, pads, piston, seal etc and £61.17 for the same but includes hanging bracket and adjuster spring and bolt.



SteveD CB500K0:
How long have classic Honda biTs been on Amazon?

Bezos has surely taken over the world…

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Has anyone used the MATI ones from A mazon? Any feedback about quality of effectiveness?


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