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400/4 brake caliper wanted

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 Macabethiele (Ted)   From what i've read silicone brake fluid has its disadvantages: Can attack older seals and rubber brake lines: Dot4 etc must be removed completely from an existing system before re-filling with silicone; Silicone fluid changes the feel of the pedal or lever. I don't know the validity of any of these criticisms but as i have never had problems with Dot 3 or 4 i'm not in a hurry to change to silicone, plus i have an unopened bottle of Dot 4 in the garage!

Oh, the eBay ex 500/4 caliper arrived today and is in very good condition. Can't complain for £40 and now that 'Bike Pusher' has left us the chance of getting another one for less is not great. 


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