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Saw this on another forum and after reading it I thought I'd share it as it's so funny.

It's graphic and dirty but damn is it funny.

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
When I was an 8 year old lad circa 1956  I had to have a general anaesthsetic for a couple of orthopedic operations on my feet.  There was no oral laxative to clean you out like Picolax it was the good old fashioned enomona.

They used what looked like a water bottle on a drip type stand using a jug to fill it with soapy water pop the pipe up your rectum - within 5 minutes you were on the bed pan wanting to fill it!

Now you pay a fortune to have the same thing named Colonic Irrigation at a Health Spa weekend.

I know only too well the feeling, had to have multiple Colonoscopies over the past 9 years due to the big C.
The stuff they give you now is called Moviprep, very sickly lemon flavoured stuff that you gag on trying to drink.
Half an hour later you have a bum hole like a ripped out fireplace.

😂😂😂 Brilliant!

The man should write a book. Fantastic.


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