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Re: PD46a carb problem
« Reply #15 on: May 26, 2022, 08:25:56 AM »
How did you sort it, and what was the problem ..?
Although I’ve tried this before (and it all going wrong when I did the clear tube test), I started again from scratch.. carbs off the bike and float levels set to 14.5mm.. carbs in a clamp with fuel line attached and bowls off and floats secured with elastic bands, then re check the floats one by one so they sit at 14.5mm, stopping any fuel from flowing (some tiny adjustments from when I did them dry)… then bowls on and fill up with fuel… check to see that there’s no fuel coming out the overflow/breather tubes, (none)… then shut off the fuel and in turn, drain the bowls into a measuring container (50ml exactly in each bowl) … then carbs back on the bike and it runs well (as well as can be expected with velocity stacks that is ) with all headers showing the same temperature..
On this occasion, I didn’t attempt doing the clear tube test. It’s as if when I do, everything starts to go wrong (even though this doesn’t make sense).

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