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It’s a rainbow

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Aye, seen better.......... ;D

Rozabikes Tim:
Arty too. Nice one.

Good to see the colours in the right order - during lockdown I stopped being the apostrophe police, and instead started to get wound up by incorrect rainbows in window posters.

The wife pointed out that they were probably  done by children, to which I suggested that she taught them the correct colours (she’s a primary school teacher).

A couple of years ago we spent a weekend in Otterburn in Northumberland, the weather was mixed and we saw dozens of rainbows, that anniversary will always be remembered as our ‘rainbow anniversary’, we’d seen one from the car just after we got married in Whitby, on the way to the reception at Ravenscar.

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
When I was at promary school we were taught it as:-  ROY G BIV


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