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I dare you to read this and not laugh out loud!

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Not sure how old it is and more than likely, as all members on here are well up on there internet shizzle, you’ve probably read it before, but it’s new to me. Had me in tears

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😂😂😭😭 This guy should run creative writing courses. I hope the story is true….but not in a cruel way you understand.

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
When I had my very first Angiogram back in 2007 after my first heart attack both the Angiogram and the subsequent Angioplasty a few weeks later were done via the groin it was the default option in the Catheter Suite at Derby Royal.

I was given the option the Nurse would  shave my "Tackle"or do it myself - I opted to do it myself followed by an inspection by the Nurse who did the bit I had missed - my hairy bum area.(Think last frozen chicken at the bottom of the freezer to picture the scene)
I have now had about (lost count) about four/five Angiograms & four/five/six subsequent Angioplasty procedures done this way so as I knew the routine I always did the shave myself the night before.

When I got my appointment for another Angiogram in Jan 2020 I did the necessary preparation the day before only for them to go in radially via my left arm!
Yep I should have shaved my armpits instead.

I am happy to report that they now combine the Angiogram with the Angioplasty into the same Catherterisation so its a first time fix event being done radially whenever possible.

And you don’t have to tackle your chicken again Ted

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Had me crying with laughter.   ;D ;D Absolutely brilliant!


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