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Teds new project a CB500 K1 mostly version 0.5 circa 1972.

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McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Firstly thanks to Bryan(j) for parting with his long owned yet unrestored  500 plus a huge thank you to (Laverda)Roo for his part in delivering the bike to me here In Derby today.
On the plus side it runs.  I'm sure Bryan would agree it needs some restoration / tlc.
I know there are several ongoing 500/550 builds but I feel the need to add my journey to the list. I will post a before photo shortly.

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
I could not wait until morning so tonight I fired her up - she sounded so much better than my 400 did on first time start up - somehow I could feel the extra power when I blipped the throttle.
So many decisions to make - I'm minded to sort out some insurance cover & ride it to decide if the engine need to be taken apart as part of the restoration.
Lots of pimply chrome etc as you would expect for a 50 year old bike - I love the rear grab rail arrangement.
Lots of work to do - lots of time to spend sorting her out - I'm going to be a little more sensible about costs on this build but those signature gold alloy rims are already pecking at me to be

.Ted's CB500 project bike by Macabe Thiele, on Flickr

It's a good start.

I have noticed though that it looks like the D washer is missing from the N/S top yoke pinch bolt, they might both be missing. You need these in to stop the top yoke breaking when the bolt is tightened.

Looks to be a US K1, the left hand switchgear isn't correct for that model, looks to be off a 550F.

Top hat missing from headlight screws, Graham does some nice stainless ones Ted.

Shame the tanks dented, looks nice.

Not being critical or picking holes in it Ted, just pointing out some small things you would be advised to fix. You can keep the left hand switchgear though if it works, does it have the headlight flasher?

Let me know if I can help with anything.

Nice project Ted! Good luck, we look forward to updates. (Check clock mounting bracket, bent or loose) maybe just the angle but look as if they are sitting flatter than the norm.

You probably want to check the bottom yoke and lock stops; it looks as though the headlamp ears have clouded the tank?


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