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Good Morning All
Good Evening
I brought a CB750 / Cb550 calliper unit with arm assy from Ebay, I ordered a 550 calliper overhaul piston kit from Roger at Honda classic restorations Not realising that there are a couple of difference's that Honda made to the CB750 / 550  callipers over time & models
The calliper overhaul kit I ordered had a replacement piston Dia of 37.9 mm & a depth of 33.9 mm
The calliper of the spare CB750 has a calliper piston             Dia of 42.9 mm & a Depth of 33.60 mm

Also on the spare CB750 calliper it appears the the bolt hole spacings are slightly wider than on the CB550 k3 ones fitted to my bike currently. I also thought that 750 callipers all had 8mm bleed nipples this spare calliper from Ebay has a 7mm bleed nipple

From what I have read from the internet is that the Ebay CB750 calliper I have may be from a CB750F/F1 and CB750-K7/8 ??   Does anyone know if I can fit this calliper and pads with its arm assy onto 550 k3 standard disc ??
Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Forgot to add picture

550 was never same as 750

Just to qualify that a bit there are 3 basic calipers on the SOHC fours.
1 has allen bolts holding the halves together from the back fits 750with the early swing mount
2 has two bolts holding the halves fitted from the outside and the later swing mount fits 400,500,550, also 250/360/500 twin
3 has two bolts at different spacing to 2 fits different later swing mount and fits later 750

I think the seals are all the same but pistons fiffer

Hi Bryan

Thank you for your info update I was never sure if my calliper had the correct bolts / Allan bolts anyway as it seemed strange to have only 2x Allen bolts on the bike, So what your saying is if I understand you correctly that 750 calliper won't fit onto a 550 ?

Thank you for your update and useful info



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