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Hi all.
I need a 525 front sprocket for my CB650Z 1981, any ideas where i might get one. Standard is 530 !

Is it for a special/modded application, as they are all but the same sprocket apart from thickness. You could get a 530 skimmed to 525 specification as one off to get you there.

Yes its to match the rear, from a vfr 400. I can get a 520 rear and also a 520 front (to fit a 500/4) from davies motorsport. Do you know if a front sprocket from a 500/4 will fit a 650 ?

It's very likely to fit but I've no specific experience to offer regarding this. Obviously engine is derivative of 500 with things like this often transferable.
Sounds like a good mod as current 0-ring chains in smaller than original sizes easily seem to have the capability/rating of the torque produced.

Hopefully someone on here has the detail to help and will chime in.


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