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Brake master Cylinder painting

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I have looked but cannot see a previous article on the forum. so....
my CB400/4 master is very messy with paint lifting due to brake fluid leakage. It needs either to be stripped and repainted or replace with a aftermarket part for £46 (ish).
Has anybody stripped and repainted? What was the painting process and products used? For stripping, I guess I could just use more brake fluid  ;D. Thanks in anticipation.

I soaked mine in old brake fluid and use a wire brush and the old paint just comes off easily after 24 hrs or so. Etch prime it and paint with  a suitable calliper paint (VHT or similar plenty of options but check it’s impervious to brake fluid)or if you can afford it get it done in black cerecote  it’s by far the best stuff, doesn’t chip, crack or degrade and looks ace.

Oddjob did some a few weeks ago and looks the doo dah’s.
Have a look on his posts…..
By the time you’ve faffed about, been out, bought paint, prepped, buffered it up, prepped again, painted it etc etc, for 30quid or so you get a lovely nice refurbed item to bolt back on and means you can spend the time doing other bits that you’re getting round to.

Before you do anything though I’d take out the piston, spring and check for west as you’re already in it. A rebuild kit is only about 15 or so and readily available but makes sense to do it now. If you’re keen to keep the OE M/C on there I’d do that but appreciate that costs build up and it may be worth simply replacing with a new one and selling your old one one to recoup some costs.

Hope that helps a bit at least

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This is  a clutch master cylinder I had done recently. The cost was £10 for the body and £5 for the lid plus VAT and was done in BHK-1 coat ceramic. It looks perfect and hopefully will continue to look perfect for many years.

Just look for a ceramic coater near you. https://www.high-pressure-services.co.uk/cerakote-ceramic-coatings/

Thats the bugger, looks fantastic and means I now have to strip mine and have it done cs 'm quite jealous Iih! ;D

Stop doing good stuff Ken, yer showing me up  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Dropped a shed load of stuff off last Friday as well Roo. Still got loads to prep before giving them another load of stuff.

Trying a bit of their powder coating this time as well, dropped a rusty old seat pan off and a couple of hinge bars to be done in gloss black, we'll see how they turn out.

I also dropped off the Marzocchi AG Strada bodies to be done in satin black and the springs to be Cermakromed, they reckon it will resist cracking as the springs compress so giving it a try. When they come back I can finally assemble the rear dampers. Didn't fancy keeping them fire engine red, didn't go with the bikes colour scheme.


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