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I picked up quite a few special tools at the VMCC autojumble. (some are very dirty and need cleaning!!) I'm interested to know what the purpose of the tool in the right of the picture is used for. Anyone know?
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Bugger, I meant to ask you to keep an eye out for some decent files, completely forgot as was netting. Was it any good Matt?

It was - lots of traders and the rain stayed off except for when I chose to eat a pasty from the wagon! - good job most was indoors!

I dont know about that tool, but a guess would be to rotate something that either had three studs, or one with two (the two opposed holes) to position the part.

Similar in current tooling to hold camshaft in place while replacing cambelt etc.

A possibility anyway.

I'm sure it is of no help but the central hole is threaded.... :-\


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