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Honda Badge restoration.

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My mum and dad always blamed me on lousy latex… hmm.

Anyways, just this week restored a couple of 750 Tank badges, and because I wanted to use particular UV resistant spray paints, decided to try liquid latex for blanking.

Initially, stripped the badges of old paint in the ultrasonic cleaner using hot water & a strong detergent. After a few passes they were down to bare metal.

Then sprayed them satin black, after which I brushed the liquid latex onto the HONDA surrounding area. It is like painting with cows milk, quite easy, but soon dries clear. Worst of all is brush clogging as it dries, though this is easily kept at bay by simply pulling the globule out as you go along.

Next sprayed them gloss white, and once dry 1200 grit sanded the high point / lettering outlines clear of all paint. After that 2000 grit and a bit of polishing paste (on the metal lettering borders)

Came out rather well, tho’ tbh a bit work intensive.

Were they not gold on the outside originally Lobo? Clever using latex, never used that before and I was wondering how to fill in the letters on mine with white without you being able to see the brush marks, was thinking of just flooding the letter with white enamel in a syringe.

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Nice looking restoration on the badges - they look great. 8) 8) 8) 8)

Thanks gents. Not that I’m aware of Ken. It’s a 1972 CB750 K2, tho’ I will do a bit of digging now - unless others can confirm either way?

(I’ve a spare tank, and am having it painted locally in Flake Sunrise Orange, to include 2x new side-panels. The painter guy tells me the standard K2 stripe was gold (like above) but the FSO stripe is black)

Given my less than steady hand, and Mrs Lobo’s chastising words… “You ALWAYS put it on too thick”, ringing in my ears - was further reasoning to go with spray paint. (GREAT let-out clause though for internal decorating 😀 though)

The latex was off eBay, at abouts £9.

Your are correct Lobo, although it's odd what Honda have done. The 750K0 got different tank badges, then the 750K1 got the same type tank badges as the 500, gold edges, the 750K2 got the black edged tank badges which is what you have. Can't remember seeing Honda do that before, they tend to stick with a part for a few models before changing it as it's cheaper in the end. I remember seeing the 500 tank badges on CMS and noticing they'd been superceded to a 300 part number and assumed that's what was fitted to all 750s. Very strange.


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