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Posting photos here from Flickr.

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McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
I am no expert with technology but regularly folk seem to have trouble uploading photos.

I was taught the following method via another  blog site. If you want to post a photo from Flickr photo stream you just open the individual photo on the photostream page.

On the bottom right hand of the page you will see a row of icons - click on the forward arrow - on the new page highlight the far right option BBCode. You are then left with a window showing the URL link with a second box underneath where you select the picture size from a drop down menu. Copy & paste the whole URL highlighted link into your reply. If you select preview you will be able to view the photo rather than the URL link.

When you post the reply the photos appear instead of the URL links. No size reduction of the picture is needed. You need the photos to be public on Flickr.

Hope this helps folks - I can only do this on my Laptop or PC - not yet managed it on my phone.

IMG_0092 by gary mound, on Flickr

Ted, you ARE an expert.

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
I know the definition of ex-spurt - I am the drip under pressure. You photo is fine but as you have not made it public when you uploaded it I can't zoom in on it. Might be that only works as the account holder so I have posted a photo.

Can someone let me know if clicking on the photo gives you access to all my public photostream pics ?

The zoom capability is a must so Ken can give you his honest feedback.

.calliper arm by Macabe Thiele, on Flickr

Yes Ted looked good and working with zoom and access.


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