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Starting a thread on my bike. Im in no rush and need to delay spending until its needed for that stage of the rebuild. Bike has been repainted and has lots of new cables, refurbished clocks, new spokes etc. It had just been 'sympathetically' restored but I wanted the engine to look brighter as I feel that is the centrepiece. Decision to strip engine taken out of my hands when it dropped a shifter fork due to incorrect replacement of the fork shaft retainer. Was thinking originally to fit an aftermarket 4/4 exhaust but seeing how low the prices are for fully restored bikes am certainly reigning back my spending plans. Im not looking to make a profit but having paid 3K for the bike and being personally happy to enjoy using a non mint restoration for a few years I am weighing up the restoration spend carefully to not to spend money that actually wont actually  be appreciated by the eventual owner.

 I'm chewing over what to do with the cases but present thinking is paint strip and repaint with perhaps a vapour blast of the barrels and head only.

 have managed to buy a later gen rocker cover with secured rocker shafts. The oil restrictors were blocked with sealant from the rebuild and there was barely any oil making it up to the top end. Also managed to get some headlamp ears from USA that will be suitable for rechroming unlike my dented ones.

I have stripped the frame completely which was a lovely easy job due to the recent rebuild. Going to send off the frame/ swingarm  for powder coating gloss black and need advice re the centrestand, side stand, footpeg mounts and steering yokes. Should these be satin black powder coated to look original or the same gloss black as the frame ?

Thanks in advance for all helpful advice that is typical on this site. I will try to use search and link in previous advice for others viewing this thread when useful.

all the best


McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Have you split the crank case yet?
My priority would be checking crankshaft, crank bearings, primary drive system, gearbox bearings, oil pump, cam chain tensioner & pistons. 
The cost of ensuring the engine unit is A1 would then impact on choices such as new paintwork & exhaust & casing cosmetics.

I view a project overspend as normal depreciation - hopefully a one off cost in year 2 for accounting purposes. Alternatively just forget the over run.  8) 8) 8)

I'm stating the obvious, like you I am conscious that fettling  costs can easily out run end value. Money spent on the heart of the bike is money well spent. Do it once do it right.

Thanks yes I’ve had a look at the internals. Going to need all new main and big end shells, primary chain and dampers. Gearbox oil pump cam chain etc  all ok. Measured up crankshaft, pistons and bores and all good. Yes I’m definitely going to sort the engine as a spending priority and for my own sense of wanting to do it right.

Anyone got any thoughts on the powder coating? Thanks guys.

General consensus is that main stand and footrests are the same gloss black as the frame, yokes tend to be done satin black. Oddly the passenger footrest only have the frame clamp done in black, the peg with the rubber on is normally zinc plated silver. I do them both as I find the zinc goes dull after a year or so but your choice.


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