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Anyone recommend a firm near to me for boring /honing and ally welding?

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Ideally looking for somewhere in the south-east to fettle the bores on the spare 400/4 engine I have.
(I will also consider packing up and sending off to somewhere recommended....)
I also have a spare NOS set of barrels that needs a fin welding in......

Any recommendations?

Laverda Dave:
I've used SRS based in Sutton for rebores and other engine work Matt. They are very good but make sure you tell them the exact sizes you want it bored to and make sure you take the pistons you intend to use and ask them to match them to the bores (they will anyway but still worth asking them!).

Matt, do you mean South west?

Ooops! I did mean the South West!!  :o

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Easy mistake - in my head I always have to imagine I was on the south coast looking up left side is West as compass point spells WE and I'm looking North! 😁😁😁


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