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Making the most of the lovely weather.

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Had a blast out on my age appropriate machine yesterday nice 50 miles to Burwick which is closest land to the Scottish mainland. Hell I must do something about the brakes, they are shite! Quite sure the 750 would stop in half the distance just to make a comparison. Arrived back home had a coffee and then out on the 750 to make sure it was fine after the electrical leak. Is your machine “age appropriate”? 😜

Looks nice out up your way Johnny  :)

Brakes, don't know if you've tried it before by doing the following......assuming all piston etc is free (I use silicone grease on piston seal and bore, advised in original Honda 750 workshop manual) with it operating well... then take it for a run and hold the front with light pressure until it gets properly hot, so you can smell it ! Then wind it up to higher speed and give it a maximum stop from 70mph ish, while its hot, then immediately drive it around without much application to cool the whole assembly down again.
Heating like this i was taught from AP racing department when usung their high temperature friction materials, it made, then, a lot of difference. I've always done this with good results for years now.
Bit like an "Italian" tune up which loosely entails beating the shite out of it  ;D

Then see what it feels like after that routine.

Great advice Nigel, I will try this heating method before I take more extreme action. Even thought about trying different type of pads but maybe that’s not the problem. One thing at a time I will see how it goes. I’m quite sure there’s no binding in the Caliper but wil” check also.

I went out for a longish spin myself in this glorious weather. Up to Blackheath to the Tea Hut to talk bike and feed crows, and then on to Kidbrooke to visit my ex coven High Priestess for a spell. Then many miles down the A2. Brake squeal returned and I've only just finished dealing with that, I'm wondering if it might be connected with my need for new head race bearings?  Ok can you guess which is my bike?

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
More likely you need to feather the pad leading edges.


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