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Powder Coaters in Derbyshire Area a word of caution.

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McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
A bit of an update about the two powder coater I have used locally.

1. For my 400 I used Langley Powder Coater - so far no issues with my frame after 2 years - the coating was a tad thicker than I would have liked but at the price the finish was excellent. Done during Covid -  cost £155.

2. For my 500 I used RPT Engineering near Alfreton - the finish was excellent at the time being nothing like as thick as on my 400.  cost £190.
Sadly the underside of the rear of the frame now has some corrosion breaking through - my plan atm is to apply some black Hammarite as the area is well hidden but I will know it is there.

Why did I change - primarily due to price as Langley Coater wanted me to get the frame specially dipped elsewhere before they would touch it as it had been previously coated 20 years or so ago.  Total cost was estimated at around £350 in total.

Ted, most powder coaters don't apply any anti-corrosive paint to the metal before coating. I always try and get them to zinc chromate parts before coating. On my cars, I can easily tell which parts weren't treated!  ;)

Laverda Dave:
A good powder coater wil blast the frame and apply the prime coat on the same day. Leaving a blasted frame overnight is enough time for a light dusting of corrosion to set in.
I have always used Microblast Services in Windsor, never had a problem with any of their work and they seal threads etc before powder coating. They blast and powder coat the same day. Turnaround time is two weeks.

Rozabikes Tim:
Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the Alfreton lot Ted.  Feel a bit bad - I know I suggested them, although I knew nothing about them, just a possible route etc. Bit of a pisser, as spitting distance from our gaff if they were any good!

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Not your fault Tim - the reality is I wanted somewhere local that would be convenient for taking the items plus Langley Powder Coaters were being funny about having the frame chemically stripped first by another firm as it had been powder coated previously.

Might be my experience is not typical - either way worth flagging up for local members.

My frame was badly chipped in several areas so a re-finish was essential. I also like to support local firms when appropriate. If I need to use a powder coaters again I would probably go back to Langley PC.


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