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My old 750. KLC 12K

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Have just been messing around on the DVLA site, and seen this is still alive!!  I bought KLC 12K new in Dagenham. Sold it in 1974 to get thew readies for marriage. Daft or what???

Laverda Dave:
I wonder if a member on here owns it?
It's amazing how we rid ourselves of our pride and joy for something else. I remember taking out a 10 year savings policy with the Pru when I was 18. I thought the £3,500 I would receive at maturity would buy me the latest 1000cc Superbike, it actually paid for double glazing  :'(

Nurse Julie:
It looks like the reg number has been re issued. It now shows as a Black 750 and it was imported into UK in 1992.

Great pics. I wish I had some from my early biking days!
I suppose there is the slimmest chance (!) it could have been exported and then re-imported but I doubt it!

They say they never reissue any number BUT it could have been put on retention by the last owner


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