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Well I hoped to be posting a few shots of a sea of bikes at Squires Milk Bar at Sherburn in Elmet, last night but sadly, Houston, we have a problem!

The first time in 21 years Rosey has stopped a journey through failure!

Just got through Boston Spa, opened her up on the nice fat A road and a plug gave up and she started to pop on 3!!! Bugger.

Limped 22miles home on three pots and currently trying to find 4 plugs to get her fettled for the long ride home. Naturally these are the hardest plugs in the world to find unless you want to spend £29.40 each on them………..nope not I!

Found three, just need one more!

Bit of a worry as it’s either a plug or a coil……. Hoping on the former rather than the latter but a poke about will no doubt identify the issue……..fingers crossed!

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Graham and Julis not too far from there would he be able to help(near conningsby)

That's a bummer. Hope someone local to you can help!

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Cheers but Boston Spa, North Yorkshire, near Wetherby. Managed to get some plugs at great expense so starting there. I’ll swap the coils round and see if it’s one of them if not plugs but might be as have one cold pipe  on number 3 at the back.

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Sorry mate wrong Boston


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