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Bright zinc plating


Any recommendations for Bzp plating various nuts bolts collars small plates etc in my 550k rebuild,  never done this before. . I am based in south Cumbria but will probably end up posting so a post in post out service anywhere in the uk would work.  Price and experience info would be appreciated. Many thanks David

Hi Dave.

Having done a full resto last year on my ‘750 K2 I was too faced with this problem. I’m no longer in the UK (ie Oz), but quickly learned that commercially / small plating amounts was a problem - so much so that I was essentially forced into doing my own Zinc platings. Did I enjoy it - nope. An awful lot of prep and fussing. Cheap? Erm, reasonable. Results? - fine, but only with great prep and a quality kit.
So - it all got done, to an acceptable quality, and included such refinements as gold passivating.
Not advocating home plating; but saying it’s certainly doable if you’ve the inclination.

Thanks Lobo. Doing it myself is a last resort. Hopefully some people on here will be able to share the name of a supplier they used for their bolts etc…….

Arch stanton:
I believe there is a place in Lancaster.


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