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Topics going missing


Is it just me or are topics I'm getting notifications for going missing? 2 days ago I got one about a petrol cap vent, clicked on the link, not there. Today I got one which was a topic I looked at yesterday, might even have answered on it and clicked the link and it's gone again. If it's been deleted for some reason can't we get a notification saying that instead of not there son.

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Not sure but I deleted my question about identifying a couple of bolts that were correctly identified as front engine mounting ones as it was a two part question including one about the clutch  I just posted a new item about the 500 clutch.

SteveD CB500K0:
Only the OP (original poster) or admin can delete a post. If that’s the case then your notifications will be broken.

Nothing is ever lost. There’s a “Deleted Items” folder on the server that I can use to reinstate items deleted in error.

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Yes Ted yours was the one missing today, I just wondered where it had gone

The petrol cap vent has never appeared, like it was deleted within minutes of posting


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