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15 bikes for sale - selling off my entire collection

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Well, the time has come to start selling off my bike collection (15 bikes in total).

Priorities change, and it's time for me to change direction. Don't worry, all good here and nothing in particular has driven this decision. I'm blessed to be in good health, have a growing young family who are thriving and the 'day job' is all good.

I still pan to do the odd restoration here and there, but not at the volume I've undertaken over recent years.

I just know in my heart of hearts it's time to explore a few other opportunities.  To be clear, this isn't a fire sale. I take pride in the quality of my bikes (both the original and the restored ones), and if these don't sell privately, they'll go on eBay with a sensible reserve on a timed auction.

I'm just putting prices on here now to comply with forum rules, and I already have some pre-interest in some of the bikes through existing contacts.

I'll take detailed photographs in the coming days/weeks and firm up pricing & detailed descriptions for each. All bikes are in good running condition/ready to go unless otherwise stated.

Here's the 'list' as it stands:

1976  Suzuki GS750 - 3578 miles, Blue, superb 1st year model, unrestored original machine with spare NOS Suzuki exhaust system - £6995

1973 Honda CB750 K3, 2058 original miles, Candy Buccus Olive, Incredible unrestored K3 with new HM341's (Daytona) and spare original Honda HM341's - £12,995

1978 Honda, CBX1000z, 16,329 original miles, Silver, Very early VIN no.319 (2nd day of production), lovely original machine, original HM422 exhausts, with spare original red body set - £17,000

1969 Honda CB750 K0, 0 miles since restoration, Ruby Red, Concours restoration, Original '2nd batch' UK K0, AYO 64H - £17,500

1969 Honda CB750 K0, 0 miles since restoration, Candy Blue Green, Concours restoration, Original '2nd batch' UK K0, TUJ 957H (was originally AYO 63H) - £17,500

1967 Honda CL450 K0, 2300 miles, Blue, Original unrestored machine in lovely unrestored condition - £7500

1975 Honda, GL1000 K0, 6700 miles, Candy Blue Green, Original unrestored machine in lovely condition - £7995

1976 Honda GL1000 K1, 6600 miles, Sulphur Yellow, Original unrestored machine in lovely condition - £6995

1976 Honda CB750 F1   2500 original miles, Incredible unrestored F1 with NOS Tank and NOS silencer fitted (original tank/pipe to go with the bike) - £8000

1970 Honda CB750 K0, 0 miles since restoration, Candy Gold, Concours restoration, Originally US import, UK reg applied for - £16,500

1969 Honda CB750 Sandcast 5887/e6183, 0 miles since restoration, Candy Blue Green, Concours restoration - £25,000

1969 Honda CB750 ‘chopper’, K0 engine fitted, Original ‘Amen saviour’ chopper, period correct - £3500

2019 Kawasaki Z900rs, 4500 miles, Candy Diamond Brown (original ’73 Z1 colour scheme), as-new condition - £7495

1990 Honda, VFR750FL, 4300 original miles, Original UK bike with 1 previous owner, unbelievable condition - £5500

1979 Kawasaki KZ1000 MkII, Original UK bike, restoration project - more details to follow - £TBC

Drop me a PM on here for direct contact details if any of the above is of interest.

Or keep an eye out on eBay as I start to list those not sold privately.

Cheers, J.

Nurse Julie:
Good luck with the sales James.

Quite an impressive collection! Good luck with selling them all. Wish I was on the market for another! 🤭

WOW ! so that means with the Kwak 1000 included you are talking well over £160k in total ? Surprised there were no 500/550 four models ? Did you go off them ?

A sad fact is that all of that would only  just  have bought the buy the 'Brighton' p.p. bike when it was auctioned. Which shows how ridiculous the final hammer price was on it. When I bumped into the couple who bought it (in Settle) they told me that immediately after the auction had ended, a Japanese bloke offered them  an extra £10k to them to sell it to him .. which would have bumped it to £171K

Good luck with the sale James. I guess a few of the restored ones will have 'Trigger' engines in them.

Some great bikes James, I'd like to be in position to buy one, but sadly not.

There's going to be some very pleased new owners out there when they go.


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