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Glueing metal to metal

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What are you trying to stick Roo?

Loctite do an epoxy metal glue. A mate has used it to good effect...

Hi Roo,
Depends what kind of joint you will be glueing (behave yourselves at the back, not that kind of joint)
I have used proper Araldite (not rapid) to good effect - parts of the wings on Buccaneers were held on with it. If the joint will be subject to peel or torsion forces then you might have to rethink but tensile and shear forces are usually fine - up to a limit of course.

Nowt to do with owt but I have just returned from a 1350 mile trip on my new 350 Forza at 96.5mpg and I was never in the wrong gear  8)


BigAl (Alan):
Worked in the Aircraft industry 40+ years ago. Popular metal to metal adhesive was Araldite AV121. Never seen it for sale in small quantities. Grey in colour when set.
Very good glue providing surfaces are very, very clean.

I’ve modified the fuel tank in the 550 as I can’t get a decent lock substitute that looks alright and welded a plate to the underside of the boss on the tank to accept a bonnet pin for a push button catch. I need to glue a  heftier spring to the pin to pop the flap up enough. It just need needs to stay there so apart from compression it’s under not much stress. Can’t really think of another method to get it to stay put. I’m just revisiting fit so I can get t off for paint as I’m back to the states next month for 8 weeks.

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