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CB360 Variants Question

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Hi Guys,
I recently purchased a CB360, which I believe is a UK model as the V5 does not mention a previous registration abroad.  It is in nice order and goes surprisingly well.  However, I am puzzled by the variants that I see whilst researching this bike.

It was first  registered in July 1975, but it is possible that this bike is an old stock model from '74, or maybe even '73.

My bike has the front disc brake rather than the 2LS drum which the some? of the '73 bikes had.  My bike does not have the idiot light pod between the gauges, just the lamps in the speedo.  There do not appear to be any other obvious variants, Other than the CL360, so when I find '74 - 5 - 6 bikes advertised for sale most seem to have the idiot light pod.  The bikes like mine seem far and few between.

Looking on CMS, they only show the US versions.  DSS seem to only recognise the G5 model....whatever that means.

Is there a CB360 aficionado out there who can shine a light on it.  There seems to very little info about this short lived but attractive bike


Looks like a standard UK version, CB360G5 to me. We never got the 2LS drum brake model in the UK.

UK model had 'idiot' lights in the clocks and deeper valanced rear mudguard, compared with USA model.

Yep, that's a G5 model.

CB250G5, CB360G5, CB250K5 Part Manual

CB / CJ 250/360 G5  1974-> 78 honda Genuine Shop Manual

Only 360 in uk was g5 if my addled memory is correct and it did not sell in quantity as it was over 350cc by 2 i think and so insurance companies charged same as 650


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