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Carb vacuum gauges for 400 & 500

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McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
I'm hoping my BiL has a set I can borrow in the new year so I can improve on bench sync process on the 500.

I've looked at previous posts as to reasonable quality gauges but quoted item numbers are out of date. My Ultrasound Bath is a Vevor - still going strong so wondered if anyone here has used these?


Morgan carbtune Pro. They've nothing in the way of internal mechanical calibration concerns.

I'd not used these in modern iteration (thought they originally were Mercury content years ago ) but with Bill's set on his 400 four, they were really effective, simple and very easy to work with .

Impressive that they were very responsive and repeatable to work with. Definitely worth consideration in my view Ted.

Plus 1 for the Morgan carbtune pro. I've got one and it's good quality and easy to use.

Visualy those gauges look a bit poor quality to me Ted, i have Sealey ones ebay item 203841601385 (i cant do links!) but they are over 3x the price, also nearest thing to genuine Honds  ones i have ever seen

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Thanks for the input folks I'm off to Stafford Show tommorow with the BiL so I'll see what he has before I decide if I need my own set.

Daft question but are the gauges just for the air screw adjustment or for the setting of the sliders being more accurate than bench sync?
If so I'll need to have the tank off to access the slider adjustmets - not used my little header tank yet.


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