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Despite stating in my new member intro thread that I was looking for a 750 to restore, I’ve ended up getting a CB350F (American import) instead. There was a post about it on this forum,29772.0.html

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Its obviously been stood for a long time and there’s a lot of surface rust but everything is solid. The tank has a couple of shallow dents but looks good internally. The mudguards have fine pitting but are free of dents and should be ok for stripping and replating. I was surprised to find the owners manual under the seat, unfortunately without its cover (I get the impression the manuals are rare and I’ve scanned it if anyone wants a copy). The first thing I noticed when sitting on it was the relatively high bars. My VFR400 is too low but this is very upright for me and it seems the bars fitted to the European model are a little lower? Anyway that’s some way off yet. The pipes are not going back on!

The frame and other parts have gone for powder coating today and and I’ve made a start on the engine. The pistons have a lot of carbon deposits. The exhaust valve in cylinder 4 was very slightly stuck open and the top ring in cylinder 3 had seized in the piston.

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A couple of the bores have very slight rusting in places - photo actually makes it look worse than it is. There was nothing worrying in the sump.

The only problem I’ve had so far during disassembly was the oil filter bolt, ridiculously overtightened. The bolt already had slightly rounded edges and would not move. Eventually ended up rounding the bolt head. I drilled thro the head and tried using my largest stud extractor but gave up at the point where I was convinced it would snap. The only remaining option then was to drill with a 20mm bit to remove the head and part of the flange. This allowed me to withdraw the housing and unscrew the remainder of the bolt. Unfortunately I caught the housing which will now need remedial work.

Reading Nurse Julie’s and Royhall’s build threads has been great preparation for splitting the cases hopefully this week. No doubt as well as a rebore and pistons, some big end and main bearing shells will be needed. I’d welcome any advice as to which ones I can reuse.


Nurse Julie:
High handle bars are standard on all USA model CBSOHC/4's. EU and UK model bars are lower, but we never got the CB350/4's in the UK model range.
Good luck with your project.

One of the ways when I was in the trade to remove bolts like that was to use a cold chisel, position it along the edge at a slight angle, hit it hard, you want to cut into the flange at an angle that every time you hit it it tries to drive the bolt in the unscrewing direction. The combination of the shock to the bolt and the massive amount of sideways force being applied usually did the trick. If the slot you were cutting failed you’d just cut another.

Hi Alan,
Glad it went to a good home!  You seem to be well on the way already and I'm sure the oil filter housing would be re-claimable with a turned 'top hat' bush pressed in but if it isn't, then I have one here - they are different (longer) than 400/4.  Are you sure it needs a rebore?  Unless you intend commuting daily up and down the M74, you might get away with glaze busting and new rings - careful measurements will soon indicate the best path.

Here's a bit about my own 350/4 journey:

I have a few bits and pieces in the toy cupboard - shout if you need anything


McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Interesting read, I look forward to reading your progress.


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