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I was very happy running my 750 K2 over 10 years or more, and then someone asked if I would sell it. Initially I decided not to, however whilst away on extended holiday in Japan I thought that  as I'd owned it for some years and enjoyed it, if it helped someone else onto a classic I would let it go.

Quite a few weeks later and back home again I contacted the prospective buyer and agreed that I would sell if asked. During that time I had expressed interest in a bike for sale on the Forum, explaining that I would only progress things if the 750 was sold. As perhaps often happens, the deal went cold shortly afterward and I decided to let things stay as they were, letting the seller on the Forum know this.

A few more weeks went by and I was talking to an acquaintance who sells quite a few classics and had a 1972 Trident for sale with 12,004 miles on it, and only 184 miles since 2009 when it was re - imported into the UK. He had also received an enquiry for a Honda 750 that a buyer wanted to add to his collection of bikes for regular use. We did a straight swap - Honda for Triumph.

The Trident was duly delivered a few days later.

It's been a very interesting time since then, with lots of issues to sort out on the Trident, all relating to running problems. It does not help that I knew absolutely nothing about British bikes when the Trident came to me, however I feel that I do now!

Finally the bike is performing as I think it is intended to, and it really is a pleasure to ride. If anyone is interested in the issues and solutions that arose, I'll happily write more, however as this is a Honda Forum I won't clog it up otherwise.

Oh, oh…a Trident. Hope it’s a purple T160V. Not my call, but why not start a Trident thread and see how it goes…?

SteveD CB500K0:
Go for it.

Those of us of a certain age love to read about Tridents.

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Tim Multiman on here has one and know that he’d dearly love to hear about everything, he’s not started his yet but it’s all there just not run for a few years. He’s hoping to sort it as a long term project but any help you could fire his way would be awesome

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paul G:
Go for it people don't have to read it.
I would love to do one ;D


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