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Hi, Everyone!

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Hi all,

Just thought I should do a quick introduction...

Me ending up here came about following a couple of questions I’d asked Julie on Facebook, who recommended I should join this forum, only to discover that I'd already done 4 years ago and had forgotten all about it!  :-[ As I recall, I had at the time, been given the chance to buy an early CB750. In the end, that didn't happen, but that's another story.

I've been riding bikes since the 70s and started out on a couple of different Hondas, for no other reason than living near the local Honda dealer, D&H Motorcycles in Hayes, Middx. However, from the early 90s, I developed a taste for Kawasaki Z1s (thankfully, when they were cheap!) together with the odd triple and later Bridgestones, not to mention some old Brit stuff as well.

I have though, always liked the CB500/4, but for some reason have never got round to owning one, even though there were one or two opportunities, but as sometimes happens, the timing is wrong. I’ve never known much about the differences between the various models, or the US and UK bikes but the chat about some of the finer details with Julie recently, has hopefully armed me with enough info to at least help me know what I’m looking at (thanks Julie!). The same goes for this site…I’ve been reading some older threads about restorations of K0 and K1 models and it’s great to see the in-depth knowledge there is out there!

Anyway, I hope one day to own one of these bikes…my preference is for a UK spec model, ideally a K1 in nice original condition. There’s probably not many that haven’t undergone some restoration work at least, but you never know. I don’t mind tidying up a bike but not looking for a full restoration as I have a few of those to do already  ::)

Thanks for reading!


Good luck with the bike hunt Steve, plenty 550’s come up for sale maybe not so many 500’s but I’m sure as they say good things come to those who wait.

Nurse Julie:
Welcome Steve, I'm pleased you have joined us, again 😊😊😊

McCabe-Thiele (Ted):
Welcome to the forum - I suspect finding a bike that is 50 years old will either need restoring or has been restored. Not many left to choose from that are neither.

Where abouts in Bucks?

I’m just by J5 M40, on the border with Oxfordshire.


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