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Oil weep from head

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Hi. My CB350F (the one in the Avatar picture) has started a slight oil weep from the right hand side front of the cylinder head. Leaking between head and barrels. I know Trigger recommends an o-ring thicker than standard at that point which I can't fully remember if I did (done a lot since then). Is it possible that the head just requires re-torquing down, and if so, is it safe to slightly over torque like recommended for the 750. Or should I just take the head off again and fit another new gasket and o-rings. The bike has only done 400 miles since its rebuild years ago. Cheers.


This is my post about the subject, it was for my 650 though.

I’m in the process of rebuilding my 550 at the moment so I’ll probably go for thicker o-rings again.

When it was rebuilt Roy was an original Head gasket fitted or an aftermarket?

The problem about advocating thicker orings is that if they squeeze inwards they will restrict the oil passageway and you an imagine what they could cause.

Plus IIRC the 350 used an odd looking oring around the restrictor jet in that location. Which I would imagine means finding a thicker one a real problem.

Honda never advocated retorques in my experience, doing them on a 750 for example would be a nightmare.

Cheers Ken. If I remember correctly the head gasket is Athena/NE, but it's so long ago I cant remember if the o-rings were standard or thicker. The oil jets are no problem as there's good flow to the head. I may as well re-torque the head before I take it off. If it takes a re-torque to 21.6NM because they have come loose or the gasket has compressed I will give it another go. If it wont torque up anymore I will take the head off and have a look.

Nurse Julie:
I would try a re torque, you have nothing to loose by giving it a go.


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