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My start button has somehow been damaged inside (I have no idea how, as it was fine before I started the engine rebuild!) Anyone got the RHS unit that I can get the appropriate parts from? I'd rather not replace the whole unit if I can..  ???

Picture Matt? I have some spares for switches. Just need to clarify exactly what it is you're after.

This is not my one (finished in the workshop for the day!!) but it is like this:

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The outline in red is the bits I'm after and anything relevant behind....
(The button is loose and does not push in, so something has broken)

Its whats inside the switch that matters and alters depending on year

You need to open the switch and see what's gone Matt. Behind that button is small spring, the button really doesn't get broken that often. It's just a small piece of plastic with a brass peg on the back, the springs sits on this peg. Behind that is a small bakolite plate, that has contact plate embedded into it. Before it is a small plate with a slot in the middle, this is the source of power for the button, the peg on the button passes through this but the spring cannot so that where the button gets it's spring back from, press the button enough and the peg contacts the contact plate on the bakolite plate.

To me it sounds like the spring has rusted away, this allows the button to sort of slop around and it may in time drop down out of the slot and jam up. Does the button feel it's sitting at an angle?

Just open the switch, the bottom should just hang away without disturbing much, you should be able to see what's the problem just by looking in.


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