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Hi, is there a problem with the site loading? Ever since last Thursday 2nd November I’ve had problems either getting back into the site or it not loading at all - if I refresh I get into an error message or just sits there waiting to do something (having an extended T break maybe!). Then sometimes it loads “normally - no problem with any of my other saved forum sites just this SOHC one

Cheers - Bruce

Hi Bruce, that is a bit of a pest, I am a daily user and not had any problems but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem I suppose.

I sometimes get something like that, post a reply and it sort of crashes, says site is too busy, yet when I check my post is there.

Another one I get on all my viewing systems, PC, IPad and phone, is I always select Show unread posts, so I know what's new, I then click on each and look at them one at a time, whenever I get to the last one the writing for just the title of the thread is minute, only the last one though. Not sure if this is the same fault as the fonts thread


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