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1974 cb550 left side cover

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Hi all, just by chance does anyone have a left side cover, will purchase a repro one if not. In the process of repairing right side one at the minute so might need two, but hoping it will be OK. Also anyone on here bought a repro one?

Nurse Julie:
Haven't got a side panel Johnny but the aftermarket ones on Ebay made by Martyn at LPM panels, or RIM UK as he trades now, are excellent. We've purchased about 20
sets from him for Honda fours, the last set only last week.

Excellent Julie! Thanks for that.

Contacted Martyn at LPM Plastics and he doesn’t do ones for the 550k not for my model at least. Can get them from CMS though. Will try DS too.

74 550K is same as 500 i think 323 middle part number. F anf K3 are different


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